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About GSS 

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       Ahoy sailors,

 The Griffin Sailing School offers a broad range of basic sailing, advanced cruising, and offshore sailing courses for the diverse needs of students, organizations, and community sailing. Many can be customized to address specific interests better.

     After so many years of teaching and racing coaching for the best US East Cost sailing schools (all recognized as "The Best Schools of the Year"!!!) and inspiration from over a thousand excellent students worldwide, Captain Kris founded Griffin Sailing School. The school is relatively new; however, the crew carries over 100 years of combined sailing experience, racing, and cruising—all this knowledge to share with every student. Many steps ahead of us to establish our already developing excellent reputation, and we can assure you that everyone will get the best of the best at our school. 

    Guided by a strict ASA curriculum,  ASA and USCG-trained instructors share their knowledge with all who like to learn sailing and are inspired by sailing. Sailors and their sailing achievements are our primary goal.

    Creating a sailor is not easy, but it is gratifying to all, and we love to be a part of this challenge. 

      Why choose our school? Below are some of the crucial reasons why. Check it out, please: 

     Griffin Sailing School is American Sailing Association (ASA) Certified School. ASA and USCG Certified Instructors conduct classroom for 2 hours and hands-on instruction for 5-6 hours daily, giving you the best education value for your money.

     A good school will have an approach to the needs of every individual sailor, and this is how we teach. Our ratio of student to instructor (3:1) is the best in the industry, and it avoids diluting the learning experience by conducting semi-private classes.

    The school will ship to you everything you need for the course before your 

first day in the classroom. It will give you the time to become familiar with the objectives of your study and ask any questions if in need.

    Stability, performance, safety, comfort, and fun are the characteristics of our well-maintained sailboats.

    Clear to understand that Policy is our regular practice.

    Our commitment and dedication to our students by respecting their rights and education needs is well known. 

    All you got to do is choose your course of interest, and we will help you learn the "secrets" of effortless sailing in just three days. We call it "Two Finger Sailing"!

     We guarantee that new students will learn how to sail. If they do not, we will offer them another chance for free!     

Offshore sailing, offshore ASA courses, Ny sailing hHudson River, Long Island  ASA courses

      Our fantastic location at the Rondout Yacht Basin - the best marina on the Hudson River; with free parking, a swimming pool, and the classroom adds pleasant feelings to the quality of learning and sailing - please, check GSS Offering. Also, affordable options for an overnight stay, if desired, are right at the marinas Boatel. The courses are intensive yet relaxed and very safe. We will help you enjoy sailing, learning, and quality time with us in New York State, the Caribbean, or offshore sea.

     Thank you for visiting the Griffin Sailing School website, and we realize that a modern website should be as short as possible, but all information on this site is important and explains a lot. So, please read it all and let us help you with your choice of sailing activities. Thank you for your trust in GSS, and join us soon!      

     Click the links below to learn more About GSS, or Contact Us to book your dates:

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