Private Sailing Lessons - Private lesson or coaching will be arranged on an hourly basis and any of our vessels or student's vessel. We offer a broad range of consultations, teaching, and mentoring in almost all aspects of sailing and boating. Call us with your sailing needs and we will help you to achieve your goal.

Sailboat Racing Coaching- Sailboat racing is very popular sailing activity. Sailing is the slowest transportation on earth, and yet we figure out how to race it, and we do have lots of fun during every race. Some will use high-end racing sailboats, sails, pro crew and some will race just for fun with friends, family and on cruising boats. There is plenty of options in between, but we all share high adrenaline at the start, looking for wind and speed, and trying to get that "hardware." Whether we win or not, we enjoy every minute of the race. It's not easy to find knowledgeable crew or fast boat, but even if we don't have that, we can still "mess up" with the leaders. There is always room for improvements in our sailing. So, if anyone needs to improve racing knowledge, learn how to fine-tune sails, prepare the boat,  train the crew or any racing consultation (just to name a few) we can help. If you need longer-term coaching, we ca provide it at the substantially discounted rate. Call us to make arrangements.


Private Sailing Lessons and Coaching