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Griffin Sailing students testimonial, review, recommendation NYC

Kris - Thank you for the best three days of instruction. You are a wonderful teacher.

       - Kathy, Lauren, DAVE


Thank you very much for your teaching & knowledge in ASA 101, 103, 104.

Your teaching style & depth of knowledge is simply incredible!

I will be back for future courses. Again thank you for teaching me all about sailing, proper techniques, and sharing your great experience!!

      - Pete Cannistraci

Sailing testimonial Griffin Sailing School
ASA 101, ASA 103 sailing courses NY, NJ, CT, VT, PA
Sailors art in the storm, gale sailing, storm at sea, sailing testimonials, Griffin Sailing School.

   Perhaps, these sailors are

Griffin Sailing School graduates!


Pass or fail it doesn't really matter cause we had a great time. Thank you for your patience and time.

      - Deb

Griffin Sailing School testimonial

Kris was my instructor for ASA 101 and ASA 104 I've also logged over thousand offshore miles with him. He brings a vast wealth of knowledge and experience to his work. Whether you want to learn just basics, or are looking to become a world-class offshore racer, Kris will teach you exactly what to do and how to do it as efficiently as possible.

           - Mark Avenmarg

Dear Kris,

Thank you for leading me through the ASA 104 Challenge. I know that this is an unusual course; thank you for making the accomodation to teach me this advanced course. Although I am an experienced sailor, I learned a tremendous amount from you, and your incredible experience is a real asset to Griffin Sailing School!

   Very best wishes, Bruce

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