Yacht Deliveries

      Please stay tuned for the description of yacht deliveries for the upcoming season. In the meantime, if you have any needs for deliveries, please call us for more information.

      We provide qualified USCG Licensed Captains with experience in offshore and coastal deliveries, small emergency repairs and maintenance.

      We can deliver vessels up to 100 Ton USCG requirements all over the USA and across the Atlantic. We may have a crew available as well, depending on the time of the delivery request. If you accept the EU Yacht Master Unlimited, we can deliver any sailing vessel to anywhere in the world (Captain Kris Kaminski). 
      Rates will vary so please Contact Us for more information.

Yacht Delivery from Turks&Caicos to West Palm Beach, FL Offshore Sailing
Griffin Sailing Club
Ship sailing Hudson River NY, NJ

      The newest and fastest developing form of sailing is school's Sailing Club membership. It is a far less expensive than boat ownership, boat partnership or Yacht Club Membership. It's all about sailing and social life on the water with the family members and friends. The river is deep enough for ocean-going ships (picture), and wide enough for sailing fun, joy and sailing practice. Members will enjoy sailing Hudson River. Quite often after students complete courses, they will postpone sailing for the luck of sailboat or other reasons, and we are here to help you get back on the water sooner! Members will be allowed to go sailing right after the course and continue sailing at your leisure. If you just want to sail and have fun, then this is the form of sailing you should be a part of.

      We are working on developing this club and we will announce more about it in the near future. Check our website and subscribe to receive updates about it. In the meantime, take courses and prepare for safe and comfortable sailing. We may also need partners in this upcoming Sailing Club so, call for more information.

Marine Surveys

      Trusted marine businesses serving sailors are very important. After all, we sail with our families or friends on boats that must be seaworthy and safe. For that reason, we are strongly recommending our instructor and independent Certified Marine Surveyor Capt. David McClay for all of your boat survey needs.
      In the past, we have also used his services and we know that he is extremely knowledgeable in his trade. In this business, dedication to the customer’s interest is very important, and he is always representing them. David will take care of our students and other boaters, either new or used boats and perform his services at very affordable rates. It is always good to know what condition our boat is in and what it is worth. 
     Contact Capt. David McClay for more information: call 631-764-7842 or check his website: www.longislandmarinesurveys.com 

Marine Surveys NY, NJ, CT, Long Islang
Community Sailing

      At Griffin Sailing School (GSS), we realize that sailing is not available to everyone. For many folks, sailing is mysterious or inaccessible. GSS offers them the opportunity to have fun, learn to sail on the Hudson River and learn about life on the water. Speak to your organization about community sailing and ask them to Contact Us. We are happy to work with nonprofit and religious organizations, schools, villages, towns, public institutions, and anyone who would like to learn to sail. We will work with you to develop programs with equal and easy access to maritime education and sailing fun. We will do our best to accommodate special needs when possible. Sailing is fun, friendly and healthy for the world and for humanity. Sailing teaches cooperation and many other practical skills that apply at sea and in everyday life, whether it is sailing on the Hudson River or offshore. 

      We welcome your ideas. Let's make it happen!

                   Perhaps, we can help you and many others!

Community sailing NY, Learn to sail NY, NJ, CT