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ASA certified courses, Hudson River NYC, NJ, VT
Sailing Hudson River on Colgate 26
Colgate 26 testing capsizing, NYC, VT sailing with fun

                COLGATE 26

       She is a very forgiving vessel for general sailing, racing and for ASA 101 she is just perfect. Also, Introduction to Sailing students and Club Members will enjoy her ability to maneuver and easy handling. She is responsive and turns on the dime. She is claimed to be unsinkable and it is an extremely safe boat to practice entry and advanced levels of sailing. She can be totally submerged and still floats - see pictures on the right taken during swamping tests. 

       Everyone enjoys sailing on her. The crew is supported by lifelines which greatly limits the chance of falling overboard. Her very large cockpit accommodates a crew of five comfortably and is not crowded. This sailboat allows students to learn without worrying about safety.

       She is 26 feet long with a 5-foot draft, which makes her sailing very balanced. Her sails are very easy to trim and her maneuverability is exceptional. How good of a boat she is? Well, Knickerbocker Yacht Club in Port Washington, NY used those boats for the World Cup Match Racing and some very famous and the best in the world sailors sailed her. Now, here is your chance. She just loves to sail!

Safe sailing courses, boats do not sink, unsinkable Colgate 26
Sailing ASA 101, Griffing Sailing Club, NY
Coastal sailing, offshore sailing, ASA courses PA, VT

                O'DAY 22 

        Just a touch smaller than the Colgate 26 she sails like her bigger "sisters". Her rig is easy to trim and steering is so easy that you won't even notice that you're driving the sailboat. Her spacious cockpit will easily accommodate 4 persons with full comfort.

       She will not run a ground as her shallow keel with adjustable centerboard does not allow it, and if so, the crew can easily get her off of the shallow water. She is 22 feet long and she serves the teaching purpose very well. We use her in ASA 101, Introduction to Sailing and she serves our Club Members as well.

Sailing offshoree on ASA 106, ASA 104,

                TRIPP 45

        This yawl is fully equipped for the ocean adventure. Although she is an older sailboat, she did carry us for over 35 years all over the sea cruising and racing. She is well built and truly a seaworthy vessel as she sailed through many, many storms. We will use her at different locations for our ASA 103, ASA 104 and ASA 106. She is also available for captained charters. If you are looking for real seamanship she is the one! She has 3 sails, she is 45 feet of length and draft of 5/10 feet (centerboard up/down). She always gives us an adventure and awesome sailing. After so many storms and finishing 4 stormy Newport-Bermuda Races, Halifax Races, and many, many others we know that:

       For over 50,000 Nm she always carried us back to the safe harbor!

Offshore sailing school on Tripp 45, ASA 103, ASA 104, ASA 106, sailing to Bermuda  and BVI


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