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GSS Offers 

GSS Offers

GSS Sailing Gift Card - GSS Sailing Gift Card is available for any amount by multiplication of $50.00 (ex.: 1 x $50.00 = $50.00 GSS Sailing Gift Card, 10 X $50.00 = $500.00 GSS Sailing Gift Card). Before "ADD TO CART" check the quantity to the amount you wish to buy GSS Sailing Gift Card. At checkout, please make a note to the seller with the name, mailing address, phone number and the e-mail address of the person receiving your gift. The receipt is the proof of your gift.  All GSS Sailing Gift Cards are valid only for GSS sailing activity, courses, private lessons, and coaching. All GSS Sailing Gift Cards are valid for one year from the date of the purchase. GSS Sailing Gift Cards are not refundable.

Introduction to Sailing -   This charge is for each person who would like to sail Introduction to Sailing based on 2 participants. Additional persons allowed at $50.00 charge per person. Limit up to five persons per boat. 

Introduction to Sailing additional person - This is for each person who wants to sail with an original buyer of the Introduction to Sailing. Limit up to 3 additional persons per boat.

Performance Sailing - Two days (6 hours each day, or any combination of the hours) speed course is for those who would like to improve their boat handling with the taste of racing tactics and strategy. This advanced course is giving students the opportunity to fly the spinnaker, deal with different shapes of the sails and how to control the sails. It is taught on Colgate 26. Class format will be determined and confirmed after a minimum of 3 students/racers sign up for the Performance Sailing.

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