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ASA 111 Sailing Review Clinic

ASA 111 Primary Program Goal: To provide a non-threatening pathway for certified students to return to an ASA sailing school,  to re-engage in sailing, or to get focused instruction in requested skill areas.


ASA 111 Sailing Review Clinic

  • ASA 111 is not like other ASA certifications and endorsement courses. There is no written examination and no textbook. It is a purely on-the-water clinic lasting 4-6 hours, targeted to meet the needs of sailors who are already ASA-certified, who need or want a “refresher”, or for those who sail regularly but want to focus on a specific area like un/docking or sail trim. It’s really intended as a way to get prior students to come back to sailing in an open format that you, the student, can fashion in ways you want for coming back to sailing and take more courses.

ASA 103, Coastal Cruising
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