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Private Sailing Lessons

Private Sailing Lessons

  • Private Sailing Lessons
    The private class format will be established based on your experience and needs. The student will define the goal, interest, and subjects related to his sailing. Private lessons or coaching can be arranged hourly, half-a-day, or daily, and on any GSS, your own, or chartered vessel. We offer a broad range of consultations, teaching, and mentoring in almost all aspects of sailing and boating on all boats. Let us know your sailing needs, and we will help you to achieve your goal. Private classes are not available during our already scheduled lectures or practice. We will try to fit into your schedule; however, call us before you buy lessons to check availability. The base charge is per hour, and a minimum of 2 hours is required, half a day - get an additional 45 minutes free, daily - pay only for 7 hours. If a non-local trip is needed (over 1 hour total), the charge is $ 50.00/hour each way.

ASA 103, Coastal Cruising
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