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ASA 116 Textbook

ASA 116 Textbook Information


Knowing how to operate and maintain a dinghy and outboard is an essential part of seamanship. Dinghies help us get ashore, transport provisions, and travel between vessels. Going Ashore Made Easy: The Essential Dinghy And Outboard Manual is a must-have for every sailor and powerboater.

Not only are dinghies effective, but they can be a lot of fun. These small crafts can often reach areas where larger boats are unable. Crowded marinas, scenic island getaways, and ocean-side restaurants are all examples where dinghies can help you get access that would be difficult or impossible in a bigger vessel. Please note, the textbook is not included in the online course, but it is recommended - order your Going Ashore Made Easy Textbook online today.



ASA 116 Textbook




    • Dinghy types: hard shell, folding, soft inflatable, rigid inflatable
    • Outboard Motors: gasoline, propane, electric
    • Equipping – USCG and more
    • Motor connection and start
    • Embarking/Disembarking Safety
    • Underway: Forward, Reverse, Planing
    • Approaching a boat or dock
    • Beach landing and departure
    • Traditional Transportation
    • Utility & recreation
    • Towing
    • Hoisting to Foredeck
    • Davits & Cranes
    • Security & Loss Prevention
    • Inflatables & hulls
    • Outboards: components and servicing
    • Tools & Spares
    • Troubleshooting
ASA 103, Coastal Cruising
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